Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Sometimes things just stop working. The client relationship that felt so right when you started working together has now gone bad and you dread each new project or meeting. You avoid their calls or keep them as brief as possible but still execute good work (you can't do it any other way!) and somehow they just keep on holding on. It's a difficult situation in which to find yourself and many business people are totally flummoxed as to what to do. My solution is straightforward: divorce the client. Much like a romantic relationship that has turned sour, hanging around for the long haul just won't cut it. There's a serious downside to perpetuating something that is no longer good but please don

We're a different breed of copywriters. We're content consultants.

We're more than content creators for our clients. We're content consultants. We're sales consultants. We help our clients develop written materials that ultimately lead to more sales. We know how to strategically choose topics and words for newsletter articles, blog posts, social media, presentations, speeches, press releases, or whatever else we write that aim for the ultimate result, over time, of improving our clients' sales performance and bottom line. #pressreleases #sales #speeches #copywriting #blogs #newsletters #yourbottomline


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