Your Customer Service Fitness

How "Fit" is Your CS Dept? Have you ever considered the fitness level of your customer service department? No, I’m not talking about an employee exercise program. Rather, I’m asking if your team that provides service to your clients is functioning at peak performance. If you haven’t given this much thought, you might not be seeing the big picture issues that could be hurting your business. Just like with personal fitness, there are many components to managing the well-being of a customer service department. It’s not about excelling in one particular skill. It’s about defining all of the components necessary for providing quality customer service and establishing the strategies to achieve spe

Closing the Networking Loop

For anyone in sales, being savvy at networking isn’t just a good skill to have, it’s necessary for long-term success. Networking is an important part to building relationships with clients, vendors, and even your competitors. The reality is that people choose to refer business to and do business with those they already know and trust. To build these enduring and hopefully profit-generating relationships that will help you in your career, you need to be able to present yourself as smart, professional, and sincere. These traits are what will give you the edge you need to stand above the countless others who are also vying to network to get ahead. Like all other aspects of business, networking

Your Changing Customers… 7 Strategies to Find Out Why and How, Now

It is inevitable, and absolutely certain, that our customers are changing. We are all in a maelstrom of information, of stimulus, of crap. We change every second of every day. It’s a fair guess that customers and prospects do, too. What we need to know is why and how are our customers changing. You may say, oh, I’m close to my customers. If they were changing, I’d know. But you won’t. The technical divide is very deep and very wide. There is an ocean of noise between us. The more effectively we understand the currents, the more we hone our compelling competitive differentiation. Our customers and prospects are atomized, each in their digital cocoons with the internet pulled tightly over thei

7 Best Practices to Boost Your B2B Prospecting

A recent assignment, interviewing senior executives worldwide about their purchase process reinforced our view that some or all of what you think you know about your prospects is yesterday’s news. Absolutely everything is changing at a crazy pace. * Basic needs are being redefined * Channels of marketing delivery are changing * Roles and responsibilities to the decision making process are in flux. It’s likely that some of all of what you think you know about your prospects has changed, and that perhaps, your marketing hasn’t responded. We’d like to suggest these 7 best practices that will keep you apace, and provide the insights to make your marketing a powerful competitive differentiator. 1

Stop Complaining and Start Selling!

It's almost the holidays. I’m never going to land any meetings. It's Friday. No one will answer the phone. I can't believe the competition has cut their prices. That's it for me; I’ll never be able to win new business. They gave me the worst sales assistant. No wonder I have no appointments on the calendar. Any of these sound familiar? These are the people for whom the proverbial glass is always half empty, who seem to never have a positive thing to share, and whose business they seem to feel is always on the verge of failing. Their complaints resonate loud and clear, and before very long their pronouncements of negativity become their reality. The truth is, most businesses suffer some form

Words, Words and More Words

Content is king, right? It is common thinking that content can keep you front and center in the minds of your prospects and clients alike, can provide you with credibility and recognition, and in the best of all worlds, even help you to win new business. All of this is true, but only if you select the right words for the right communications vehicle and with the right readers in mind. The cliché of throw enough stuff against the wall and something will stick has its share of followers and I'm here to tell you that it is absolutely the wrong approach. Words are powerful. Words can help you to win recognition and credibility and it's in your best interest to be strategic and cautious when thro

The Center of the Universe for B2B Prospecting

Every champion of a product or service believes in their heart that their target is the CEO. They need to find a way into CEOs’ consciousness. That the illumination of their message will pierce the maelstrom like a lightning bolt and all, from there, will be smooth sailing. Scales will fall from eyes and money will rain from the heavens. To them I offer a cold shower: * This is not the way CEO’s learn * This is not the way corporate purchase decisions are made We’ve just completed Prospect Persona research that involved talking to CEOs worldwide. We learned two things about their information behavior: 1. Their number one source of new concepts and ideas is their peer network 2. They look to


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