Master Your Social Media, Newsletters & Blogging

There’s no avoiding it. Regardless of the size of your company or type of industry or profession, social media must be part of your integrated sales and marketing program. And while it is very good to understand the importance of deploying these tactics, it is also important to recognize how time consuming it can be and just how much content must be developed on a consistent basis. I understand the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to social media, newsletters and content development and because I am a sales consultant at heart I create these documents with an end goal in sight…retaining and winning more new business. I’ve developed a unique program designed specifically for businesse

What’s in Your Sales Playbook?

I’m not one for rules and regulations, and I don’t much follow any sports except hockey, but one thing I do know for certain is that most sales reps do better and sell more if they have a sales playbook. The playbook doesn’t have to be an elaborate document although that’s perfectly fine too but in my 29 years of sales training and consulting I’ve found that simple is usually better and simple gets followed more often too. Here’s what you should include in your playbook: Who are your prospects Where can you find them What’s your primary offer/deliverable Secondary offers Sales outreach methods / touch point management How to handle positive responders What to do with negative responders and

Three Simple Ways to WIN More Business

W: Want. Fact. You must want the business enough to take every action that you can in order to close the sale. Going half way these days will never work. Be smart and strategic so that you may stand apart from the competition and win the business. Halfway doesn’t work, persistence is mandated and being the “runner-up” won’t pay your bills. What can you do DIFFERENTLY in order to win the business! I: Invest. Invest in yourself and your business. Take classes and courses that can help you to expand your knowledge. Bring in subject matter experts and other resources so that you may attend to what is mission critical for your business as well as give you the time to do what you do best. N: Nurtu

Top Tips for Effective Cold Calling

Sure you don’t want to cold call, but sometimes it’s simply a necessity such as when your sales pipeline is empty and not enough leads are coming in or your networking isn’t generating enough activity. Most people approach cold calling with a certain degree of fear and loathing but with a small amount of preparation and a good amount of confidence your cold calling efforts can generate positive results. Here are the top 5 things for you to take into consideration when preparing to cold call: Pick your list with care It’s pretty apparent that the success of your program will be impacted based upon the quality of your target list. The more time you take in evaluating and selecting your list th

It's Getting Better (all the time)

In today's challenging marketplace, successful selling requires much more than just presenting a product or service to a prospect. A salesperson is increasingly expected to be a complex hybrid of marketing specialist, consultant, customer service representative, and confidant to make a sale and maintain a customer. It's time for a reality check. Salespeople are simply a dime a dozen. However, trusted resources and business partners are hard to find and definitely worth their weight in gold to businesses and decision-makers. The more value that you can provide; the less chance that you will be replaced. Those who have hung on to old-fashioned selling techniques are being left in the dust by m

Baby Buggy Bumper: Finland's Maternity Package as Cultural Heritage

In 1938, the Finnish government introduced the Maternity Grants Act. That year, Finland’s expectant mothers each received a baby shower of supplies for their newborn. All-weather clothing, health and hygiene products, bedding, a toy–these were some of life’s bare necessities included in the box (which even doubled as a crib). Today, the 75-year-old maternity package tradition is very much thriving, a cultural rite of passage for proud mothers-to-be, and a key contributor to the country’s low infant mortality and high quality of life. When the legislation first passed, Finland boasted one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world–65 deaths per 1,000 births. There was no nationaliz

Frames Upon Frames At Collector’s Showroom

One day I went to Diego Salazar Antique Frames in Long Island City, New York. It’s a place well known in the frame game (Merkelson 2013), but I surprisingly found it hidden among steel-doored warehouses just south of Queens Boulevard. Having seen his frames before at Sotheby’s and among collectors’ private storage, I knew the man had refined taste. I figured I should stop by, especially because of this recent New York Times article. Mr. Salazar is a private collector and dealer, an expert in form and design who has devoted the past 40 years building a unique collection of authentic European and American period frames. The 200 carefully curated frames on display represent a small percentag


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