If You Aren't Making Proactive Introductions, You Aren't Networking

People often tell me I'm someone who "knows everyone." I'm flattered to hear this, of course, but it isn't true. Not even close. Sometimes I even think this is an excuse to avoid introducing me to others, an easy escape since I know everyone and there are no more introductions or connections to make. It used to make me feel bad-let's be honest, I still want and need connections to stay in business!-but I've accepted the situation and use it as motivation to remain my usual self: an eager, proactive networker. What does it mean to be a "proactive" networker? It's pretty straightforward. First and foremost, I take action, especially when it involves putting people together. For example, I don'

"Different" is Better than "Better"

Here at Wordswork Copywriting we're experts in sales and business building, not just writing your stuff. When you try selling your prospect on the idea that you or your product is "better," you're likely to make him or her defensive. They don't want to seem dumb about what they're already doing! Also, it's hard to prove something is really "better." That's why it's much better to distinguish your products or services as "different," both in written copy and oral communications. Watch my 2-minute video for details.

Here's My Number. Call Me Maybe.

You never know do you? You network like crazy, go to meetings and events, engage in conversations, exchange cards and then ... what happens? Sometimes nothing! Sometimes the networking ball goes into play and there is ongoing dialogue, perhaps a few phone calls or in-person meetings and at some point when understanding, trust and respect are earned introductions might start to flow. But then there are all of the other times when the networking ball is dropped and follow-up seems to stall. There's radio silence and after one or two attempts to break through you simply back off. I don't understand it. As a business owner for the past 29 years I strongly believe in the power of networking. It h

The Blatant Truth: How To Keep Your Sales Stream Alive

Adrian Miller Video Training Podcast Okay, so how many times have you sat through some very dreary sales training? Listening with half an ear, and counting down the minutes till you could make your escape. Well worse, you were sitting there but totally tuned out, and engaging in such mental exercises, as deciding what you're going to have for lunch, or maybe dinner, or maybe which movie you're going to see. Well you get the point, right? That's not what we're going to do here, right now. You're invited now to listen to the Blatant Truth. It's in your face, highly usable, take-it-to-the-bank, kinds of tactics that I think you can put to work immediately and get started, or keep going with you

Invest in Marketing, but Don't Forget SALES

I have many business contacts that do a pretty spectacular job at marketing their businesses. Online and off too they engage in robust marketing programs designed to build their businesses. The truth is that I’m actually a little in awe because their marketing campaigns are almost flawless and I haven’t quite gotten to be that proficient in doing the marketing for my own company. What I'm good at is SALES. Whether marketing with copy or not, I know that a marketing campaign that is not tightly integrated with proactive sales strategies and excellent sales competencies is doomed to fail or at best generate a much smaller return on investment. It’s quite sad really. So many companies create ex

3 Coins in the Fountain: How Small Business Regards Branding and Misses a Golden Opportunity

Three Coins in the Fountain is the title song (sung by Frank Sinatra) from a classic film about 3 American women working and looking for love in Rome. It refers to the Trevi Fountain, where visitors make a wish and toss in a coin, right hand over the left shoulder. It’s a good analogy for how many small businesses view branding – wishful thinking. The concept of branding can seem superfluous to many small businesses, with the perception of a high ticket and low value. Why do I need to spend more money? What will it get me that I don’t already have? The answer is more business. Brand communicates the promise you make to the marketplace – here’s what you will gain if you buy our product, use o

Maximize Your ROI From Networking

If you're in business and you're in sales, you're probably doing a whole bunch of networking right now. What I'd like to do is give you three quick tips on how to make your networking more effective and to make sure you get more return on that networking investment. The first thing is to not think about your networking in a linear fashion. You never know who knows who. If you're only networking with the people who fall under your industry umbrella, you are 100% missing opportunities from someone like me who may not be under your umbrella, but who knows thousands of people and would be happy to make contacts and connections for you once we get to know each other. Number two, and this one is s

20 Things You Can Do To Build Business NOW

1. Reach out to 5 dormant accounts 2. Make 5 prospecting calls each week 3. Become more active on social media 4. Ramp up your networking 5. Create an ebooklet and use it as a lead magnet 6. Do content marketing 7. Develop a group of networking power partners 8. Cross sell your existing clients 9. Take a class and improve your skills 10. Ask for referrals 11. Mine the gold in your existing database 12. Find out why the project was awarded to another company 13. Consider starting a board of advisors to help you with major decisions 14. Conduct a SWOT analysis 15. Get to work earlier or stay later 16. Revisit direct mail 17. Participate in trade shows 18. Do speaking engagemen


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