What I Do When Life Gets Me Down

Most people would characterize me as an optimistic, happy person with energy and enthusiasm to spare. I’d say they’re absolutely right, at least for MOST of the time. Like any human, however, there are those moments when I’m troubled with self-doubt and unhappiness. Feeling “down-in-the-dumps” can happen to anyone, no matter how overwhelmingly positive their life may be. I don’t like staying in this dark place for very long, and I’ll make every effort to get out my funk almost as soon as I fall into it. This isn’t an article about clinical depression — a condition that should be addressed by medical professionals — and how to move past it. Rather, it is an anecdotal look at how this entrepre

My Entrepreneurial Life Hacks

I've been navigating the entrepreneurial life for about 30 years now, with four businesses and a fifth about to be launched. This entrepreneurial life continues to be fun, exciting, exhausting, scary, and overwhelming, all at the same time. There are times when a "normal" 9-5 job seems awfully good, but those moments are fleeting, and so quickly I'm once again caught up in the excitement of my 10-, 12-, even 15-hour workdays. Over the years I've developed more than a few life hacks that help me keep multiple plates spinning while allowing me to maintain a healthy work-life balance. In spite of all the entrepreneurial obligations, I'm able to seize these life hacks to make balancing it all po

Here's My Number - Call Me Maybe

You never know do you? You network like crazy, go to meetings and events, engage in conversations, exchange cards and then ... what happens? Sometimes nothing! Sometimes the networking ball goes into play and there is ongoing dialogue, perhaps a few phone calls or in-person meetings and at some point when understanding, trust and respect are earned introductions might start to flow. But then there are all of the other times when the networking ball is dropped and follow-up seems to stall. There's radio silence and after one or two attempts to break through you simply back off. I don't understand it. As a business owner for the past 30 years I strongly believe in the power of networking. It h

What's a "Collection?" What's "Collecting?"

As a child I had all sorts of collections: stamps, keychains, milk caps ("pogs"), coins, and ice hockey pucks. As an adult I still have all sorts of collections: rocks and minerals, photographs, books, and museum maps. And sure enough, as I get older, I will likely amass new collections with as much enthusiasm and passion as in my youth. In many ways, these various collections represent fleeting interests or a fixation with some popular object of the time. Perhaps a few of my former collections were only marginally related to my interests -- I was awful at Yo-Yos and hated them, yet I owned no fewer than a dozen -- however, the fact that I maintained and stored them so intently signifies the

Marketing as Smog

Many b2b prospects have expressed that unfocused marketing communications are noxious - clogging the air and littering the landscape, substituting quantity for quality, volume and weight for insight. Surely, if our message is everywhere, and if we speak loudly, our prospects will flock to our door. Sure - ask the people of Mexico City or Beijing, how’s that breathing thing coming along. Ask them about the view. I think marketing is doing way too much talking. We’re Not Listening A great deal of marketing is rooted in what automation can do. It seems to be on the step just above enablement. The automation is so incredible and so efficient at getting out the message that it must be effective.


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