The Life Hacks of the Rich & Famous May Not Work for You and Me

I don't know about you but I am sort of tired about reading about the life hacks of the rich and famous. Sure I know they're people "just like you and me" but are they really? 1. C'mon, the actress mom that is always pictured with a toddler slung on one hip and a few other kids trailing behind has a staff of 4 just to keep her kids in line, not to mention her stylist to ensure that she looks great for the photo op. (Mmmm, when I was a working Mom with babies, I got ready in the morning with a burp cloth around my shoulders so if {and when} my little darlings threw up I could at least head off to work without any telltale signs!) 2. The senior executive that shares their amazing dedication wi

Where Did I Go Wrong?

After being in business for thirty years I've learned a thing or two: · The client may not always be right but they are always the client. You decide how and if you want to retain them or if you are comfortable letting them go. · You're only as good as your last project. Clients can adore you and well, then they don't. · No one has a 100% closing rate. (If you do we need to talk!) · Regardless of how good you are there will always be clients that will never be satisfied. · A failure never feels good and can undermine your confidence for a time. · You must have a thick skin. Over the years I've had my share of stupendous successes and also my fair percentage of things that didn't go as I had

Why I Get Up at 5 AM (And Why You Should, Too!)

I’ve repurposed this from Smart Hustle but full disclaimer (!), I authored the article. If you're a "morning person," you have an advantage over everyone else already! Are you one of the 15% of people whose biorhythms make you a morning person? Are you “up-and-at-em”? You know, the kind of person that springs out of bed when it is still dark outside and are ready to take on the world by 5 AM? Full confession: I am that person. Except for my teenage years, when rising before 1 PM seemed impossible, I have always been the person that greets the early morning with enthusiasm and energy. My alarm is set for 5, and there definitely isn’t a snooze! I’m in some good company too. There’s a rather l

So Ambitious!

I've been navigating the entrepreneurial life for about 30 years now, with four businesses and a fifth about to be launched. This entrepreneurial life continues to be fun, exciting, exhausting, scary, and overwhelming, all at the same time. There are times when a "normal" 9-5 job seems awfully good, but those moments are fleeting, and so quickly I'm once again caught up in the excitement of my 10-, 12-, even 15-hour workdays. Over the years I've developed more than a few life hacks that help me keep multiple plates spinning while allowing me to maintain a healthy work-life balance. In spite of all the entrepreneurial obligations, I'm able to seize these life hacks to make balancing it all po


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