The Looming Martech Consolidation, and the Cure for B2B

The advances in marketing technology are awesome, as are the sheer number of marketing technology providers. ChiefMartec began tracking this space in 2011, identified about 150 players, and presciently started their eponymous infographic. Their 2017 chart encompasses almost 5,000 companies. It’s as if the 2011 chart exploded. Yet, the question looms – is this growth sustainable? Interviews we’ve conducted with martech executives, and our own experiences, indicate that the “demand” side of the equation may not be able to uphold its end of the bargain. Inherent in the business model of, I’d guess, each one of these martech companies is the assumption that a profitable customer is one with a lo

Why You Need a Business Blog

I know there are naysayers out there who are not 100% convinced that blogging can help their business. Those folks may never have blogged yet still believe it is “just another business tactic” that will eat away at their time with little tangible return. I’m hoping to change your mind, not just because I want you to hire WordsWorkCopywriting to write your blogs (well, maybe just a little!) but more because I know the influence blogging can have on growing a business. Granted, blogging is not a stand-alone activity; you don’t write a blog and expect clients to immediately kick down your door. Just like with any marketing endeavor, blogging must be part of a carefully integrated program, and i

Triangulating B2B Prospecting Success

The better you understand your b2b prospect, the more efficient and effective your prospecting will be, and no one silo or point of view within the company is going to give you the “who”, “what”, and “why” of prospects and the buying process. The answer is to triangulate intelligence, or we are no more effective then the blind men of poetry, trying to determine what an elephant really “looks like”, each by touching the strange beast once, each from a different angle. Let’s prove the point. The Elephant in the Room The prospect is the elephant in the room, and while no one perspective yields a true and complete portrait, there is no monopoly on insight, grasshopper. Here’s the three-sided equ


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