Can You Write This For Me? It’ll Only Take a Few Minutes.

Can you feel my pain? I've been asked this question so many times by people that know I do content development for a living that I’ve lost count! It's not that they're trying to get away with not paying a fee (well, maybe not!) but I do believe it is mostly because they really do think that if you like to write, and can do it reasonably well, then it makes sense that whatever they want you to write should take a minute or two. The fact is that you can't write much of anything in a minute or two and even if the minute stretches into ten or twenty the results of that rushed writing job with little background or prep time is usually inferior. Why would anyone want that type of work? Of course t

Why you need a good sales letter

As a business owner I receive plenty of marketing and sales solicitations, some of which catch my attention immediately and others that get tossed or deleted after a quick glance at the messaging. Whether your marketing materials are basic or elaborate a good sales letter is essential to your business prospecting endeavors. It’s not all that easy to craft a good sales letter. I know, I’ve written hundreds of them and each one takes time and energy until I feel that it is just right and communicates exactly what I want to say. My personal feelings aside, the real proof of how good the letter is, or not, is in the response rate, assuming of course that the letter has some sort of call to actio

There Are Topics Everywhere

I do a significant amount of writing and while I might occasionally find myself in a bind while trying to express a thought, or momentarily confused about the correct use of a specific word, there is one thing that I never find troublesome and that is coming up with topics to write about. It’s never an issue and in fact, I often have enough topics for weeks or months to come. Here are some tips on how you can do the same: 1. Be very attentive to the questions asked by clients and prospects and if a particular question is frequently raised you can turn it into a blog post. It’s been shown that the interest is there. 2. Business newsletters and digital publications often provide ideas for topi

Everyone is a copywriter. No?

Recently I was listening to an interview with Willie Nelson, one of the greatest songwriters ever. The interview was taking place on his tour bus. He said that early in his musical career he was invited to join Ray Price’s touring band, as a bass player. The interviewer said, but you’re a guitar player. Can you also play bass? Willie said, “can’t everyone?”. Everyone on the bus, including the interviewer laughed. The answer, as Willie and Ray soon found out, was no. Similarly, can’t everyone write copy? I think it depends. There’s a big difference – if it’s a personal creative outlet that enriches your life, or a business strategy to bolster your competitive differentiation and create engage


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