Editing Your Blog

Another way of looking at the editing process is to consider it the smell checker – do this to find out what stinks. It’s a completely necessary step to make sure your blog is intelligent and understandable. Avoid it at your peril. I’m going to suggest 2 steps: First use your tools. Look under the Tools menu and you’re likely to find, at the very least, the ability to check spelling and grammar. This is very basic. If you misspell or have obvious grammatical errors, you undermine your believability. Whatever the point you were trying to make is forever sullied. The second is indeed painful. You have to reread your blog post. I certainly recommend having a trusted colleague read and comment o

The Early Bird Gets The Worm And Also Does Their Best Writing

Creepy cliches aside I'm the proverbial lark. I get up early, a smile on my face and need not the trilling of the alarm. The morning routine can either soothe or infuriate me depending on what damage my cat has done in the middle of the night, but once the coffee has been downed and the paper read or to be more honest skimmed, I'm good to go. The morning energy and light, the idea that it's a brand new day awash with possibilities, always gets my juices going. The blog, newsletter or sales letter that I start writing in the early hours of the day are always crisper, better phrased and are frankly more fun to write too. And that's a biggie. If you're tasked with any sort of writing you need t

So You Send Out a Newsletter. Now What?

Sending out an interesting and informational newsletter is a great way to stay in front of your clients, prospects and networking referral sources and the better the content, the more recognition and respect you’ll receive for your expertise and knowledge. And that’s great BUT that’s not all. You must follow-up in order to get the maximum ROI from your newsletter endeavors. Most of the newsletter services like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp offer insightful reports so that you can assess how your newsletter is doing in terms of opens, click throughs and opt outs and while the statistics can be interesting it’s even more important to take a close look at “who” is taking these actions. Open I

I Bet You Put Your Own Writing Last

It’s interesting. Many of the people for whom we write newsletters, articles and blogs are really excellent writers and have the skills to do the own writing. Some of them have tried for years to maintain their blog and newsletter and everything works well for a month or two until such time as they get busy with their “real” work when taking the time to write falls by the wayside. We understand and happily there is a solution and it’s a simple one at that – outsource your content development! Most business owners already outsource key aspects of their business. Accounting responsibilities or at least a portion of them fall to an accountant or an outside accounting firm. Legal matters are rar


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