What If You Don't Have My Voice?

Many people are very concerned that the person doing the writing for them won't have their voice and hence the blog will sound as if someone else has written it. Let me assure that it isn’t really a big problem. Most professional content developers are extremely conscious of trying to write the content in the client’s voice, putting aside their own style and personality, and if they're good they're able to do that quite well. As an extra precaution many content developers, myself included, will interview the person for whom they are writing, to ensure that we pick up on the nuances that should be heard in the article. Most content developers will also spend quite a bit of time speaking with

Sometimes I Don't Feel Like Writing Either

Confession - I write for a living and sometimes I don't feel like writing either. There are times when my brain feels sluggish, the ideas come slowly and the words don’t seem to flow at all. Facing my monitor with my hands on the keyboard and the silence is deafening. But write I must because like I said this is how I earn a living. My clients hire me to take this burden off their shoulders. They might not have the ideas or words but surely I do! So yes, my confession, sometimes I don't have the words either but since it's imperative that I get past my writer's block, here's what I do. Maybe these tips can work for you too. Take a break Staring at your screen for an endless period of time wi


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