I’m Calling BS

I don’t mean to be aggressive or hostile in any way but I must ask you, how long have you been thinking about doing a newsletter or blog or getting involved in some sort of meaningful way on social media? Days? Weeks? Months or even longer? I have many clients that spent many months and in some cases more than a few years thinking about starting a newsletter. I also have a few that started writing and three issues in they let it lapse citing the amount of time it took to write the articles and get it distributed. The same holds true for some of my blogging and social media clients. It doesn’t have to be this way and here are some options for you to explore: * Repurpose articles and videos an

What To Do When You Don’t Know What to Write

Every content developer knows that at one point or another the ideas and words just won’t flow. You set the stage so that everything is perfect with distractions to a minimum, devices turned off and still, nothing. You can’t get in the groove and what once seemed like a pleasant enough task is now foreboding. I’ve been there more than once and believe me, you’ll get through this and you’ll do so before the deadline for your newsletter or blog has come and gone. Here are some suggestions on how to skip right past “writer’s block” and get those ideas and words pouring out once again: 1. Think about the questions that your business prospects and clients ask you. Write an article providing the a


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