Love it or Hate it, Social Media is Here to Stay

For many entrepreneurs, social media is the bane of their existence while for others it’s a digital cocktail party that they quite enjoy. Personal opinions aside, social media is here to stay and you can’t ignore the power and impact that it can wield. Depending on your specific type of business you may find that Facebook is your go-to platform, yet for others, LinkedIn is where they will find their clients and prospects. Instagram and Pinterest are perfect for those that have a strong visual component to their businesses and of course, for many, they dabble in all with varying degrees of success. It can be a slippery slope because never before has a small business been able to “speak” to so

I Play Favorites

Okay, I admit it. I play favorites. I never did such a thing when I was a Mom of young children. Back then, I was quick to point out that “I had no favorites and loved both of my boys equally” but times and circumstances have changed, and I am no longer referring to my flesh and blood but to clients for whom I write content. And yes, I have favorites. That doesn’t mean that I let any of my clients fall to the wayside or that I don’t try my hardest to provide an exceptional work product for everyone. I most certainly do but I have favorites. My favorites are a mixed bag and in it you’ll find clients that are: 1. Organized and thorough about what they need and when it is due and don’t switch u

Sales and Marketing, Marketing and Sales

Your blog, your thought leadership, every piece of copy you produce has 2 objectives: * One is marketing – to generate awareness and interest, and to put a halo over your head that indicates you stand out from the crowd. * The second is sales. While you might not get a lead every time you publish, you publish because it contributes to your sales effort. Marketing gives customers (and potential customers) the reason to engage with you in a sales context. The thing about publishing is that it’s additive to the marketing and sales process. Let me clarify – if you are consistent, and consistently excellent, you demonstrably further your sales efforts. Trouble is, it’s hard to be both consistent

Of Great Value to Bloggers Everywhere

"The Clues to a Great Story" (TED Podcast). Here's good advice for all bloggers from filmmaker Andrew Stanton's TED talk about storytelling. Andrew's stories include the very popular "Toy Story" and "Wall-E." TED posts a new podcast every week at


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