A Case of TMI (Too Much Information)

How much do you share on social media or with your blog and newsletter reading public? How big a line do you establish between what you put out there for all to read, and what you hold back and perhaps share only with your closest contacts? I think that for many people the line between what is posted for general consumption and what is seen by only a few, or not shared at all, has gotten very blurry. We have developed a collective case of sharing “too much information.” Before you blog about something that is very personal I suggest you sit back and reflect on the following: · Is the post based on something that can compromise either your business or personal lives? · Will the post or articl

Hot Time in the City

It’s hot in the summer and time for the beach, vacations, margaritas and the like. It’s also a good time to reconnect with inactive clients, get closer to existing accounts and even prospect for new business. It’s even a better time to do a lot of writing and perhaps even build a cache of articles that you can post come Fall. We all know that we have to hit the ground running in September and isn’t it better to start preparing now rather than try to burst into action after Labor Day. So don’t miss out on those margaritas. And certainly, take a vacation and do the beach thing too. But don’t back off from writing or from all of your other business development endeavors or you just might find t

The Art of the Soft Sell

When you come across the phrase the art of the soft sell, you might focus your attention on the word “soft.” You might not even do this consciously; many salespeople don’t. And based on this unconscious focusing, you may lead yourself to believe that the difference between conventional selling and “soft” selling is...well, that you just do the latter softer. That is, that you do what you’ve always done, but you say please a bit more, or you say it’s really up to you, I’m not here to pressure you, I care more about you than the sale...and other things that, when we write them here in black and white, reveal themselves -- perhaps a bit embarrassingly -- to be what they are: “injected” politene

Waiting Until The Last Minute

I was never one to wait until the last minute. I was the student that set aside ample time well before deadlines in order to complete the work. I don’t know, from the earliest age it just seemed easier to do it that way and I still do. I maintain an editorial calendar for all of my clients, check it daily and set about writing their content (and my own) making certain to leave “plenty of time.” I try to complete my writing at least a week in advance of the due date mostly because I want a few "bonus" days to make any last minute adjustments. I also like to get the work to my clients with some extra lead-time just so they don’t feel stressed. This methodology has served me well all these year

What Your Blog Tells Me About You

I read a lot of blogs, not only because I write them for a living, but also I really enjoy good writing and interesting information. Some of the blogs are consistently terrific but along with the good ones also come those blogs that seem to miss the mark or are simply not as good as they could, or should, be. Here’s where I see that the disconnect lies and where blogs don’t serve the writer or reader very well: Some bloggers don't write for the reader, they write for themselves and tend to leave the rest of us in the dust. Either the topic is too arcane or they seem to be speaking to themselves. In either case, the post loses potential impact and their gravitas is undermined as well. There a

Five "Rules" For Effective Blog Writing

Full disclosure – these are MY rules based on doing an extensive amount of content for myself as well as for clients. By the way, my rules get results. They’re not based on the ABC’s of good writing, are actually pretty specific to blogs, and definitely shouldn’t be considered the “gospel” for most other types of writing. Here goes: Unless you're writing an academic paper targeted to those that are in the field, you should aim to write in a highly accessible manner. Think about the reader and what they will be able to absorb. Read the blog out loud. Does it “sound” interesting and will it hold the reader’s attention. Be consistent. Make an editorial schedule and stick to it. Posting one blog

Seven Blogs In 7 Days

Does this seem like an achievable goal? The number of blogs and the number of days is almost irrelevant. The real reason that I’m doing this is that I need quantitative goals to get me going and keep me on track. For example: Saying I want to lose a few pounds gets me nowhere. Substitute that with I want to lose 5 pounds by the 30th of the month earns me a new dress size and beach-ready body. I could give you many more examples but you get the idea. I want to post more. Establishing a goal of 7 blogs in 7 days, well, that will get my engines running. Could it be that you’re like me and you need a fixed goal to help you with your writing? Do you have a tendency to “slack off” without having a


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