WOW Your Clients (Or ELSE!)

Isn’t this the truth? We spend inordinate amounts of time prospecting and trying to win new clients yet significantly less time nurturing and WOWING these same clients in order to retain and grow their business. It’s an endless cycle for many businesses. You prospect like crazy and win some new business and then before too long the “honeymoon” is over and the cycle starts all over again. Prospect, win, lose. Prospect, win, lose. It’s costly, time consuming and will ultimately undermine your business growth. The answer – well – it’s pretty simple. Rather than churn your clients why not WOW them and hence the need for as rigorous prospecting may diminish just a bit. Here are three ways that yo

OK, I’ve Started a Blog, Now What Do I Write About?

Usually the first few blog posts are easy. You’ve been thinking about this a long time, you have headlines in your head and perhaps you’ve made notes. Once you finish these, you begin the real work of writing. What matters most in selecting your topics is your potential reader. Try to look at things through their eyes. What are the issues they are most concerned about? What are small issues and which are vexing. Which are in your wheelhouse. The trick is how, in the blog, can you clarify, illuminate, and add value to the discussion while distinguishing yourself. My suggestion is to write as simply as you can. Stay away from multisyllabic words and the second or third meanings of words. Expre

It’s Not a Book!

Most of the time when I tell people that I write content for a living they look at me like I was some sort of miraculous creature possessed with unimaginable skills. They ask me when I find the time to write knowing that I have another business, how I get my ideas and how I find the focus and concentration to do the writing. They’re incredulous when I respond quite simply “there’s always time to write a blog or newsletter” shaking their heads as if I proclaimed that my day consists of 28 hours while they have to make do with 24. Folks, the fact is, it’s not a book. Of course, there are ghostwriters galore that are in fact writing a book, but that’s not what we are talking about here. We’re t

Writing is a Labor of Love

Do you love writing? Are you passionate about putting words to paper? Can you write without complaining about writing? Not everyone loves writing. And truthfully, some people who do are not particularly skilled at it, while others may even grumble about having to write anything at all. Like all other art forms, writing requires practice to perfect. It takes effort to improve, and even with great effort over time there will always be an opportunity to improve. Some people prefer not to write because they feel inadequate and are self-conscious about others’ judgment. After all, writing can be revealing, for it does seem to convey a person’s intelligence and interests as well as their personal


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