Use the Right Words

Is eavesdropping ever acceptable? Probably not, but yesterday I couldn’t help myself. I was in the doctor’s office and it was buzzing with phone calls, patients walking in and out, and an office staff that seemed just a wee bit overwhelmed. I noticed that one of the admins was able to communicate with her callers and patients much more effectively than her coworkers and by eavesdropping (!), I observed that she was able to do so simply by using the “right” verbiage in each situation. Her “go-to” words and phrases included: Please Thank you I wish we could, here’s what we can do I promise to keep you informed about the doctor’s progress and how soon he can see you She didn’t “do” anything muc

Write or Wrong?

Business blogging falls under the heading of “thought leadership." Here’s what Forbes has to say: "Thought leadership has become increasingly important in business. Executives, marketers and salespeople alike recognize the importance of establishing a presence within an organization’s given sector as a leader rather than a follower. Thought leadership can be an incredibly useful means of building both a personal and brand reputation." (Forbes, "Why Thought Leadership Should Be A Business Priority In 2019," Leslie Licano) This means, from a practical perspective, that through a blog, through thought leadership, you have the ability to demonstrate to your audience that YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS THE

What’s Write for Your Business, and How to Do It.

One of the things that makes your business really unique, one of your standout competitive differentiators is, well, you. Your experience, your expertise, war stories, your advice all make you unique. Here’s a quick guide to what makes a business blog successful. The topic. Let’s be brief. It’s got to be relevant, timely and important to your customers, and it must arise from your practice. Our advice is to make a list of these topics, and some notes on what you’d like to say. The scary term for this is an “editorial calendar”. The helpful part is it keeps you focused on providing value over time. The headline. It’s got to be quick, catchy and give a reason to read the actual post. Humor wor

When the Going Gets Tough the Tough Start Writing

Content. It’s a strategy that can get you visibility and recognition. When the content is interesting, beneficial and positions you as a subject matter expert, it can also help to get you new business. But what if you have difficulty presenting your thoughts and ideas in a cogent and logical manner or you can’t find the time to do a consistent blog or even that one-time article that will get you “eye-balls” and attention. Do you need to cast away the idea of “content” as a powerful tool in your marketing tool chest? Of course not! If you agree that content is a proven way to attract prospects and showcase your competencies and expertise here are your options: Research outside resources and h


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