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A lot of time and effort is spent these days on posting to social media and cultivating your list of followers, likes and eyeballs. But to some extent, you're spending your time improving a rental property. The platform, the avenue of communication, is someone else’s and at the end of the day, they are the ones reaping all the benefit. The flip side is that to further their own interests, they could change the rules of their game at any moment. Should something like that happen, and it’s far from impossible that rules could be changed to enhance their profitability or shield them from criticism or legislation, what happens to your investment? There is simply no way to know. However, if you i

What to Do When You Have a Case of Writer’s Block

People ask me if I ever get writer’s block and yes of course, it happens to me. I get myself ready to do some writing and what happens? Nothing. Yes, total blankness and while I used to fret about it, I no longer get worried. You see I know it will pass. Ideas and story lines will come to me and I’ll be able to create the newsletter or blog or website well before the deadline. Here are some suggestions if you ever find yourself going blank: Don’t obsess; take a break. Trust me, nothing is going to get better if you sit there and stare at your blank computer screen. Writers know that sometimes the thoughts come easy and the words flow without missing a beat and sometimes you can’t type a word

I wrote a blog post. Isn’t that enough?

“What’s the point? I wrote a blog that answered one of the biggest problems in our industry. Isn’t that the point? “I’m here to run my business, not write blogs. Boom. “What does writing really contribute?” My turn: Blog posts, articles, white papers fall under the heading of “thought leadership”. Thought leadership is part of prospecting, or generating new business from new and existing customers. As you know from prospecting, you can go up to every customer and prospect you meet and say I have an answer to one of the biggest problems in our industry, and only a small portion will be ready to hear it. It’s not their time. Timing is everything. Consistency removes timing from the equation. Y

Oh I Got This. I’m A Great Writer

Being a great writer is a terrific skill to have. Good writing can help you to get that job interview, communicate with sympathy when sending a condolence note, and create fabulous reports and documents for work. But being a great writer doesn’t mean you will be great at doing your blog. Here’s why: Writing a blog takes commitment and time to create new posts on a regular basis and without big gaps in frequency. Unless you are writing specifically for people that are subject matter experts in your field, your blog posts should be readable and written for the “lay” person. Not everyone can write in this type of accessible manner. Coming up with topics on a regular basis can tax even the most


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