August 29, 2018

Let’s face it: humans make mistakes. We are imperfect creatures. Try as we might to be infallible, we are simply, somewhat tragically, incapable that mode of existence. (Those superlatives are reserved for divinities and babies, and even those two groups are not univer...

August 28, 2018

We've all stepped in it at one point or another. C'mon, don't shake your head no. I know you've done it too. 

Many of us consider ourselves to be fantastic networkers yet have made a networking blunder and lived to tell the tale. 

I know that I have and I'm here to sh...

August 28, 2018


The other day a client gave me a writing assignment and when we were discussing the content I began to get the idea that perhaps they weren’t being truthful in what they wanted to be written. 

We continued to speak for a little more and I felt that I had no choice but...

August 21, 2018


When I tell people that writing makes me happy they look at me in amazement. They question my sanity and when I continue to profess my pleasure at sitting down at the computer to do some writing, they drop their astonishment and simply accuse me of lying. 

But it’s th...

August 7, 2018

Are you tired of writing your own blogs and newsletters? How about wasting time creating your brochure while instead, you should be doing all of the mission-critical things necessary to run and grow your company?

You’re not alone and the good news is that you have optio...

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