April 24, 2019

“Turn up for work. Discipline allows creative freedom. No discipline equals no freedom.”

A blog offers you creative freedom, to tell a story that’s relevant to your audience and that illuminates your unique perspective. Readers are entertained, perhaps learn and maybe s...

April 17, 2019

Jargon, businessbabble, and “big” words don’t impress me. Writing an article, newsletter or blog that people can understand does!

What is it with writers that fill their pages with content that no one can understand? It makes no sense, especially if the writing is desig...

April 10, 2019


Is there anyone reading this that remembers a time when you had to check a “real” dictionary in order to make certain that you did not have any spelling errors in your document. Back then, proofreading was an art unto itself. You couldn’t rely on spellcheck or Grammar...

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