October 28, 2019

Is eavesdropping ever acceptable? Probably not, but yesterday I couldn’t help myself. I was in the doctor’s office and it was buzzing with phone calls, patients walking in and out, and an office staff that seemed just a wee bit overwhelmed.

I noticed that one of the adm...

October 21, 2019

Business blogging falls under the heading of “thought leadership."

Here’s what Forbes has to say:

"Thought leadership has become increasingly important in business.  

Executives, marketers and salespeople alike recognize the importance of establishing a presence with...

October 9, 2019

One of the things that makes your business really unique, one of your standout competitive differentiators is, well, you.

Your experience, your expertise, war stories, your advice all make you unique. Here’s a quick guide to what makes a business blog successful.

The top...

October 2, 2019


It’s a strategy that can get you visibility and recognition. When the content is interesting, beneficial and positions you as a subject matter expert, it can also help to get you new business.

But what if you have difficulty presenting your thoughts and ideas in...

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