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I'm nothing without you!

Here is the plain truth - if you don't have clients you don't have a business.

I attend lots of networking meetings and conferences and meet many business resources that are involved with helping brand new business entities get started. They're helping entrepreneurs to launch IT firms, health and wellness consultancies, web design and PR firms and the list goes on. It hardly matters the type of business because the facts remain the same - without clients there is no business. You have an idea for a business, perhaps a fantastic idea but not a business...not yet.

Most entrepreneurs that start a business are quick to work with a lawyer and draw up the necessary legal papers, find a banker and an accountant to deal with their financials (once the money kicks in of course) and get their marketing materials and website in order.

All of this is good but I can tell you what is better. Having clients.

The lawyer, CPA, banker and even those marketing materials and website don't substitute for having a sales process and sales strategy to bring in clients. Prospects just don't come knocking at your door.

What I am suggesting here is that everyone that is involved in helping new business to get off the ground; yes, the lawyers,CPAs and web developers too, should make it a point of asking their clients about their plans for bringing in business.

  • Who are their prospects?

  • Where will they find them?

  • What makes them different in the marketplace?

  • What is their lead generation strategy?

  • Are they comfortable with cold calling and networking?

  • Can they sell?

  • Can they close?

The list of questions goes on and on.

We do our clients a disservice if we don't proactively make introductions to other professionals that would add value to their company.

If they choose to work with your introduction then great, if not then so be it, you've done your best.

Here another fact. That company you once helped with their legal work, crafted their website or opened their bank account well, without clients, in a year or so you can bet they're going to be out of business altogether.

Why? It's not because they don't have a terrific product or service it's because they don't know how to sell it!

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