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The Life Hacks of the Rich & Famous May Not Work for You and Me

I don't know about you but I am sort of tired about reading about the life hacks of the rich and famous. Sure I know they're people "just like you and me" but are they really?

1. C'mon, the actress mom that is always pictured with a toddler slung on one hip and a few other kids trailing behind has a staff of 4 just to keep her kids in line, not to mention her stylist to ensure that she looks great for the photo op. (Mmmm, when I was a working Mom with babies, I got ready in the morning with a burp cloth around my shoulders so if {and when} my little darlings threw up I could at least head off to work without any telltale signs!)

2. The senior executive that shares their amazing dedication with working out and staying in shape has a personal trainer posted at their house each morning and doesn't have to scramble to get to the gym before it closes.

3. And as for those folks that we read about that successfully manage to combine three meetings in three states in one day - well - we didn't get to see them boarding their private plane either. (Last month I did two speeches in two states on the same day and flew commercial (duh!). I arrived at my second speech a tad disheveled and agitated because my car service couldn't find me at the Denver Airport and sporting a stain on my skirt courtesy of my seatmate's Coke.)

Don't get me wrong. I'm not denying or underestimating the magnitude of what any of these folks do each and every day but seriously, I don't have much in common with any of them or at least insofar as how I run my sometimes crazy life.

So for what it's worth here are some life hacks that work for me, just a "regular" person trying to keep numerous balls in the air.

In no particular order of importance:

I get up early.

Sure I'd like to sleep in and grab another 30 or 60 minutes of sleep but I also know that if I get up early I can get a jump on what needs to be done during the day. The extra time means that I can most assuredly be on time for my first appointment and be able to do so without much stress. (I know there are folks that use the early morning for exercise but I find my preferred time at the gym is in the evening.)

I don't obsess (well, over much anyway)

When you have to do most everything by yourself and without the services of "staff," you find that you have to let some things go. It would be fabulous if my house could be immaculate 24/7 but that would require a significant amount of time spent on cleaning and that's time that I simply don't have. Don't get me wrong, I'm not living in squalor but I am pretty certain that most of the people that we read about don't do housework!

I TREASURE what I have

Yep, I'm one of those people that are very focused on being appreciative and, in fact, I belong to a group in which each day we share 5 things for which we are grateful. Many of my friends can't understand how I can come up with 5 each day but the truth is I can always come up with many more. I have trained myself to be observant and appreciative of what I have in my life. The truth be told this "habit" might be my most important life hack to keep me grounded.

I believe in getting a good night's sleep and eating healthy food.

Being a "regular" person takes energy and stamina and it's almost impossible to do what we "regular" people have to accomplish without minding our health and wellbeing. Yes I know that Mick Jagger eats a very healthy diet and exercises as well and I also know how very hard he works BUT once again, so do I and so do you and without the benefits of having a personal chef, trainer and plane at your disposal.

My intent was to not make this sound like sour grapes. I love my life and wouldn't change it for anything. It's important to keep things in perspective a

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