How to Pick Your "Ghost" Writer

I once heard the commitment to writing a blog described as standing under an airplane propeller. You dodge one, but here comes another. A blog cannot possibly be effective if it isn’t posted. Similarly, it must be cohesive, clear, and relevant. Partnering with a professional writer may turn a chore into a rich source of customer involvement. Here are three quick tips in picking a “ghost” writer: • Find a storyteller. Find someone whose writing holds your attention, writes with a clear voice and entertains. Look for a beginning, middle and end in the samples. • Looking for experience. You may need someone with specific subject matter expertise. I also think the experience of writing over other subjects, for a variety of clients, brings the potential of added perspective to the product. • You and the writer have got to be sympatico. You have to believe that they understand you, your goals, and the personality you are trying to project. Choose wisely, and reap the benefits.

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