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Bogged Down in Blog

In the best case, regularly scheduled blog posts give you an opportunity to demonstrate your genius and insight over time. It allows you to present your ideas, insights, and recommendations to your prospects and clients in an easily digestible forum.

But, if the blog becomes a chore rather than a charm, it achieves none of the above. It becomes forced, erratic, and disjointed. Not your best foot forward.

We’d like to suggest your next step. Hire a professional.

Many people feel awkward about hiring someone to do their writing, seeing it as something personal that they should be able to do on their own. While we understand that particular line of thinking we’d like to present another perspective.

You probably outsource many other aspects of your professional life. After all, if you’re not a bookkeeper or accountant you probably have financial professionals that help you keep your finances in order and get your taxes paid on time. Your computer, everyone’s lifeline to his or her world at large, is most assuredly maintained and kept in good working order by a tech support resource. As for your website and marketing materials, unless you are a web or graphic designer you probably outsource that work too.

See where we are going with this?

It’s perfectly fine to outsource your content development and here’s why:

  • You’re a subject matter expert however your expertise is not in writing.

  • You’re a very proficient writer however your workload doesn’t allow you the time to consistently write your blog or newsletter.

  • You have the time and ability to create your own content but you dislike doing so.

  • You need to concentrate your time on more direct revenue producing initiatives.

Do any of these sound like you? If so connect with us and let us show you how we can become your voice and communicate your brand and message to the marketplace and generate increased awareness, visibility, credibility and business!

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