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I Bet You Put Your Own Writing Last

It’s interesting. Many of the people for whom we write newsletters, articles and blogs are really excellent writers and have the skills to do the own writing. Some of them have tried for years to maintain their blog and newsletter and everything works well for a month or two until such time as they get busy with their “real” work when taking the time to write falls by the wayside.

We understand and happily there is a solution and it’s a simple one at that – outsource your content development!

Most business owners already outsource key aspects of their business. Accounting responsibilities or at least a portion of them fall to an accountant or an outside accounting firm. Legal matters are rarely taken care of in-house and when there is a need, outside counsel is retained for the matter. Marketing and web development are also frequently outsourced and so why not content?

Outsourced content developers can write in “your voice” and develop content based on the topics that you select. If you want even less to do with it and would prefer that the content developer come up with the topics, they can do that too. There are no hard and fast rules and as in most things, flexibility is the key to success.

My advice – don’t be one of those companies that have a tab for their blog and the last blog post was months ago. It doesn’t make a great first impression and it’s easy enough to rectify.

We can help.

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