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Editing Your Blog

Another way of looking at the editing process is to consider it the smell checker – do this to find out what stinks. It’s a completely necessary step to make sure your blog is intelligent and understandable. Avoid it at your peril.

I’m going to suggest 2 steps:

First use your tools. Look under the Tools menu and you’re likely to find, at the very least, the ability to check spelling and grammar. This is very basic. If you misspell or have obvious grammatical errors, you undermine your believability. Whatever the point you were trying to make is forever sullied.

The second is indeed painful. You have to reread your blog post. I certainly recommend having a trusted colleague read and comment on it, but first you have to read it. Are you making your point simply, clearly and convincingly? Are you avoiding garden walks?

Or, if you really want to make an impact, you could hire a professional. You concentrate on your business, and let th

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