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Use Your Words

When my kids were little I often told them to “use their words.” What I meant was for them to:

* Stop crying and tell me what they wanted

* Stop raging and be more specific about their problem

* Be more descriptive and clarify the situation for me

* Stop cursing and come up with good descriptive words to describe their angst

I haven’t told anyone to “use their words” in a very long time but that doesn't mean that the thought doesn’t cross my mind and most specifically when I encounter:

* Situations in which adults try to explain what they do and somehow fall short of being able to communicate their product or service

* Blogs or newsletters in which the words used don’t generate interest or passion

* Lets go and get 'em pep talks where the words hardly motivate or enthuse

Use your words indeed!

Tone, manner and pacing are tremendously important components of good communication but once you move past how someone sounds, to be sure, people are also interested in what is being said. Your words are important!

Not everyone is truly skilled at coming up with the right words whether for an article, presentation, sales letter or blog. The ideas are there but the words, not so much, and so the message gets lost.

The impact of this can be quite negative with business lost and doors closed because the message wasn't well communicated. The truth is that there is no reason to allow this to happen. Your ideas can be communicated in a manner that makes them compelling. It's "all you" but for the construction itself.

Can we help you to “use your words”? If you think so send me an email and let's connect.

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