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OK, I’ve Started a Blog, Now What Do I Write About?

Usually the first few blog posts are easy. You’ve been thinking about this a long time, you have headlines in your head and perhaps you’ve made notes. Once you finish these, you begin the real work of writing.

What matters most in selecting your topics is your potential reader. Try to look at things through their eyes. What are the issues they are most concerned about? What are small issues and which are vexing. Which are in your wheelhouse.

The trick is how, in the blog, can you clarify, illuminate, and add value to the discussion while distinguishing yourself.

My suggestion is to write as simply as you can. Stay away from multisyllabic words and the second or third meanings of words. Express your self in simple declarative sentences. Make a statement and end with a period.

Start with a restatement of the problem, perhaps explore some opinions, then offer your suggestions. End with a firm conclusion that satisfies your opening.

Oh yes, spelling and grammar count.

When you get really good, put yourself into the piece. Realize and actualize your own voice. Then, reading your posts will be fun.

Or, if it’s not fun to write, hire a professional.

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