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I wrote a blog post. Isn’t that enough?

“What’s the point? I wrote a blog that answered one of the biggest problems in our industry. Isn’t that the point?

“I’m here to run my business, not write blogs. Boom.

“What does writing really contribute?”

My turn:

Blog posts, articles, white papers fall under the heading of “thought leadership”. Thought leadership is part of prospecting, or generating new business from new and existing customers.

As you know from prospecting, you can go up to every customer and prospect you meet and say I have an answer to one of the biggest problems in our industry, and only a small portion will be ready to hear it. It’s not their time. Timing is everything.

Consistency removes timing from the equation. You are there when they are ready, and then, the investment in writing brings credence to your brand promise and creates a professional predisposition to your brand. It creates a halo of recognition around all your other efforts.


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