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Spelling Errors? You must be kidding!

Is there anyone reading this that remembers a time when you had to check a “real” dictionary in order to make certain that you did not have any spelling errors in your document. Back then, proofreading was an art unto itself. You couldn’t rely on spellcheck or Grammarly to help you out. It was old school all the way!

(Full disclosure – I even had a dictionary and thesaurus on a shelf next to my desk!)

You started off by reading the document for the messaging and asked yourself if it made sense and communicated what you wanted to say. The second reading was for grammar and punctuation and you went through each sentence word by word, to make certain that you followed the “rules.” And then, finally, you read it once more and carefully checked the spelling.

Sure this took time but there were few choices if you wanted to be certain to get it right. Today it seems that no one has the time to go through these steps and instead relies on digital tools for their proofreading needs.

That “might” be okay in some situations but when it REALLY counts, you just might want to take the extra time and go old school yourself.

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