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What Covid Has Done to Content

Excuse me if I sound a bit snarky here but haven’t we seen one too many Covid related articles?

No, I don’t mean the scientific reports that appear in the media or updates on where we stand in terms of the spread of the virus.

I mean the plethora of articles and posts that are using the pandemic as a platform for business advice.

The truth is, I’ve done it myself but in my defense, I did it some months ago and not now, when we are 6 months in.

It is, as they say, old news.

I imagine that these posts still get read, especially if they contain a personal story or some new truth that hasn’t yet been massaged a hundred times over.

Keep your readers interested, intrigued, educated, and amused. Don’t become one of the masses writing about something that has unfortunately become part of our daily lives, unless of course, you are truly writing from a new perspective.

In that case, don’t hold back but if you are simply regurgitating that which has been said before, you might want to take another approach.

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