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Winning New Business Through Content

I am frequently asked, can I get new business from my blog or newsletter?

My honest answer is maybe.

I don’t mean to be coy, nor avoid answering the question, it’s just that maybe is as accurate as I can be because there are too many variables to be definitive.

Let’s just say, it won’t hurt!

Good content can help to establish you as a thought leader and subject matter expert and can assist in opening doors to speaking opportunities and new client introductions. It can also keep you visible and recognizable on social media, where you should be regularly repurposing your content.

Your potential “reach” is vast, probably vaster than you need, but it is there for you to leverage and grow your exposure, brand, and business.

Not for nothing, but why on earth would you let such an opportunity pass you by?

The time and effort required to write consistent content can be the deal-breaker for many, but there are ways around this dilemma:

1. Use an outside resource

2. Hire an in-house content developer

But don’t give up on the idea. The upside is too great.

Get started today. Let me know if you need a list of 10 Ideas for Content and I'll get one over to you. But remember, start TODAY. The longer you put it off, the longer it will take to get the traction you need and for writing to become a habit.

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