At the end of 2013 I decided to join the social media frenzy and start blogging and write newsletters.  After sitting for 3 days and only getting one paragraph written, I knew that this was not my forte.  But I did know someone who was incredible and could do the job!


Adrian Miller has been my writer and friend since then.  Yes, we meet quarterly to create topics together and discuss content; I review everything and yes add my comments or links as well.  For anyone that is on my mailing list or on LinkedIn you have seen the content and know how good the writing is.


Adrian, we know that I am very good at my job, but you are incredible at yours.  Anyone wants a reference email or call.

Gail Trugman Nikol, President

Business Solutions

When it was time to update my website, I knew I wanted some fresh, concise wording for my Welcome page and felt I was too close to it to do it myself. I had limited space to work with and knew it can be difficult sometimes to condense your message… it’s almost easier to write more than less.  Adrian nailed it! She created compelling, engaging language – the essence of pithy and powerful. And her turnaround time was terrific.  She’s a natural wordsmith with a strong business sense, and an intuitive ability to step into your head and speak in your voice. Thank you, Adrian!                ​

Deborah Roth, Owner

Spirited Living

As the owner of an online marketing company I'm surrounded by online content every day, and Adrian's service stands out. Her content is well researched and professionally written which makes my client's happy. Plus, she always follows up efficiently and is ahead of deadlines which makes me happy. I highly recommend Words Work Copywriting for all of your professional writing needs​

Jillian Weston, Owner

Jillian’s Circus

Adrian has been writing monthly newsletter and blog content for us for X years now.  The content is always timely, informative, and immediately useful for the readers.  Adrian’s writing style is interesting and engaging.  The production process couldn’t be easier.  We discuss topics early in the month, and then several weeks later the final product is in my in-box for review.  I give it a ‘final proof’ (almost never make any edits) and then it is ready for publication.   It couldn’t be easier.  I highly recommend Adrian.​


Whether it’s an executive presentation, a  website, an article, a video, or an investor pitch, I’ve relied on Scott Hornstein’s insight, experience and writing skills to tell our company’s story. We’ve worked together now for over 7 years and I consider him to be part of my team.

Jay Bingle, Chairman

HighQ Services

Scott has been a major contributor to the voice and content of our marketing consulting firm for the last five years. Perhaps most valuable has been his ability to take our discussions about abstract ideas and turn them into communications that encourage engagement and start dialogs.


Wayne Cerullo, Chief Connection Officer

B2P Partners

I have been using Adrian Miller's content writing services for over 4 years now and I am more than happy with her work, professionalism and integrity.  She "gets" my "voice" and writes engaging content that readers actually enjoy reading.  Adrian writes my newsletters, blogs and even my website content.  The best part is I can spend time on what I need to get done and not worry about writing deadlines. I highly recommend Adrian!



Lisa Chalker

Family Affair Distributing

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