About scott

Meet Scott Hornstein

International author, lecturer, and consultant, Scott Hornstein has worked with clients in all phases of marketing strategy, research and implementation to maximize customer satisfaction, retention and lifetime value. Concentrations are in:
* Technology
* Manufacturing
* Financial Services
* Hospitality
* Learning

His articles and interviews have appeared in Brandweek, Adweek, Sales & Marketing Management, CRM, Catalog Age, BtoB, DMA Insider, The Toronto Star and more. Scott’s most recent book is, Opt-In Marketing. He has contributed to Integrated Direct Marketing: The Cutting Edge Strategy and Integrated Direct Marketing: Techniques and Strategies for Success. His newest book will be coming out later this year.

“Since the time I learned to write, writing has been central to who I am, to expressing myself, to figuring things out. I’ve paid great attention to my craft, and I believe I have honed 3 important strengths: Ideation, or putting ideas on a blank screen, organizing the story, turning features into benefits; the ability to tell an engaging story, to reach out and motivate the reader; and to make the story compelling.

“I’d like to use these skills to help your business in 3 ways:

1. Get your story together, such as the website and collateral I did for the market introduction of Viryd Technologies (wind power), AmerInst Professional Services (insurance), Derm’ellage (nutriceuticals), and CTI (commercial aviation training), or for IBM and HP as they introduced new products and services,

2. Get the word out in content, collateral and blog posts as I have done for the ANA, Franklin Covey, The Phoenician, G. Albert (spa), and myself, or the learning modules I have done for the ANA, DMA and AMA.

3. Get new business, through proposals, presentations, social media, email, direct mail and lead generation programs I have done for Applied Biosystems (biotechnology), HighQ Services (odor and pathogen elimination), CTMA (sports injury prevention) and many business concepts seeking funding."