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October 21, 2019



Business blogging falls under the heading of “thought leadership."


Here’s what Forbes has to say:


"Thought leadership has become increasingly important in business.  

Executives, marketers and salespeople alike recognize the importance of establishing a presence within an organization’s given sector as a leader rather than a follower. Thought leadership can be an incredibly useful means of building both a personal and brand reputation." (Forbes, "Why Thought Leadership Should Be A Business Priority In 2019," Leslie Licano)


This means, from a practical perspective, that through a blog, through thought leadership, you have the ability to demonstrate to your audience that YOU HAVE THE ANSWERS THEY ARE LOOKING FOR. It is the precursor to trust. It’s a brand-builder.


Moreover, the experiences and insights you share show how you are different and distinct from your competitors. It’s a clear expression of your expertise and passion, and works, over time, to establish a preference for you and your brand.


Seems like a pretty good investment of time, but if you don’t have the time, and consistently producing blogs and thought leadership pieces takes too much away from running the business, we’re here.

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