Things You Should Know

FAQ Section

Can you design our newsletter?

Not a problem. We are Constant Contact Solution Providers and can help get you up and running in no time. Once the newsletter is distributed we can also analyze the response reports and help you with any sales or marketing follow-up.

can you post to blogs and social media?

Absolutely. We're very flexible and can work in a manner that makes you most comfortable. We usually submit possible topics and titles to clients and they approve our suggestions. We can also do phone interviews, and in some cases clients make their own topic suggestions. Once we're in agreement, we start writing!

What about longer content?

We can write longer articles for your newsletter, blog, or social media. We can also write speeches, brochures, sales letters, web copy, press releases, even ebooks. If you have something longer you need written -- ask us for a proposal!

are your articles customized?

Of course they are! We know your business is unique, and so your words should be as well. We customize all our content so there is never a change your writing will be found on someone else's blog or newsletter.

How do you know about our business?

We write content that's interesting and relevant to your readers and position you as a business thought leader. We do our research and due diligence about your company and industry, of course, and make sure there's some content that focuses on your company -- but that's not necessarily the main source of "your" content.

How can your content improve our seo?

We use hyperlinks to send readers back to your website and blog to improve your SEO rank. When our content is interesting, readers will click on the links to get more details and spend more time reading -- which improves your chances of going up in your organic Google/Bing rankings. Interesting blog posts bring back repeat readers, too. So...having stimulating online relationships with your community and customers automatically improve your rank.

Are your services expensive?

The short answer is no. We'll develop a budget that works for your requirements. The fee is dependent on how much research and writing is needed. Do you need a single newsletter a month, or would several blog posts get better results, or both? How many words would there be? We'll be happy to share recommendations based on our extensive experience and expertise.

How long do they take?

It depends on how big your job is and how busy we are, but for the most part we can turn around work in just a few days.

Can we try them out?

Sure. Certainly. No need to start with any big commitments. We can write a few articles or blog posts for you and go from there, for example. Just call Adrian Miller at 516-445-1135 to discuss what we could do with you.