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Be Patient

I was recently called for jury duty. It was an exhausting day mostly because we spent hours and hours just sitting around waiting for I don’t know what.

At the end of the day, we were dismissed but not without feeling like time had been wasted.

I tried to do some work but it was difficult because we were kept moving from one room to another and then to another building too.

I felt myself getting stressed and then decided that it was useless to get agitated about something that was entirely out of my control and from then on it seemed simple. I chose to be patient and mellow!

I find that this same strategy works well when I'm writing. Sometimes the thoughts and words just don't come. I can either sit at my desk and get tense or take the other path. I can relax and be patient because I know that the words will come eventually. Getting stressed won't make them come any faster and in point of fact, may slow things down altogether.

My advice is if you find yourself unable to come up with the right words, just relax. Perhaps you should take a break and get some fresh air, have a snack and start over when you've had some time to let your mind settle down.

If that doesn't work, do some reading. Often the act of reading can stimulate thoughts and ideas and the right words bubble to the top of your mind.

If all else fails consider outsourcing the writing of your document and know that you can do the next one on your own should you so choose

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