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5 Steps To Creating Content for your Blog or Newsletter

There are many articles, books, instructional videos and consultants that effectively share insights and direction on how to create content for your blog or newsletter. I’ve read many of them and have written a few too.

I think that some tend to make things more complicated than need be and that could be why so many people tend to shy away from moving forward with these types of marketing endeavors. It can seem overwhelming and time-consuming and well, not enough ROT (return on time).

I’m here to simplify it a bit; perhaps, in a manner that makes it too simplistic, but honestly, I do think you can easily start in this manner. Of course, if even this seems that it will eat up too much of your time, there are resources where you can turn. But check this out. Does it seem like something you can do for yourself? Do you have the time to write and to do so consistently (because that’s the big issue)? It might be easy enough to knock out a blog or two, a newsletter as well but to do so consistently, that’s where the challenges can begin. Let us know; happy to provide some pointers.

Here are your action steps:

Come up with your topic

Seems simple enough, but hold on, it really isn’tJ You want to make certain that what you are writing about is relevant, interesting and can touch your readers, emotionally or intellectually, or maybe even both. Take your time with this step and do your homework before you get started. And here’s an important tip – try to come up with 5 to 10 topics so you’ll be certain to have that all-important consistency to your writing.

Schedule time to write

Here’s where potential writers start to grimace. Scheduling time to write is important. If you think you’ll be able to just “fit it in” you can be almost certain that it will never get done. Best to get this appointment with yourself on your calendar and be certain to not blow off the date and time you have scheduled for the content creation.

Reread, rework and possibly rewrite

Very few writers write something once and then it is over and done. A good blog or newsletter needs editing and so you should also schedule the time for rereading and reworking what you have written. Be aware that sometimes this step takes longer than the original writing so factor that into your content creation schedule.

Create an editorial calendar and post the content

It’s important to develop an editorial calendar so that you can coordinate your writing schedule with when you want your blogs and newsletters to be posted. I know that I seem to be harping on the less “creative” aspects of creating content but in all seriousness, most

of the content development clients that we have are pretty decent writers. Their main challenge is not finding the time to write on a consistent basis. That’s where we come in!

Accept compliments

It feels darn good to get positive feedback on what you’ve created so make certain you share your content with your marketing database and on social media too. Remember that visibility and recognition are what helps you to build your business and after all, that’s probably why you are writing in the first place.

Hate to write? Don’t have the time? We can help!

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