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C’mon, Use The Words You Know

Let me ask you a simple question – why are you creating content?

Is it to:

o Remain visible and recognizable in the marketplace

o Educate and inform

o Reinforce your brand

Any or all of those reasons are great, and I commend you for writing and sticking to it with some consistency.

I’m also hoping for your sake, that you find it fun and enjoyable to write your newsletter, social media, or blog and that it gives you pleasure to give life to your thoughts and ideas.

(If not, then you know you have options, don’t you?)

But here’s the real reason for this post, are you writing to prove that you’re the smartest boy or girl in the room, or are you writing to engage with the reader?

I’m not referring to academic white papers, legal writing or financial reports. I’m talking about writing for “just folks” and quite possibly very accomplished and smart folks, but folks that don’t need polysyllabic words and excessive verbiage to get the point.

Keep it simple, write in “real-speak” and sound like YOU. By doing so you’ll find that your content will win you more visibility and interest.


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