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Can I Make Money Writing Content?

By Adrian Miller

Can I make money writing content? I find it somewhat funny that I’m often asked this question and I always reply, “absolutely, I write content and I make money, so why can’t you?”

The fact is I’m not lying, you can make money writing content but like everything else, there are some things you need to consider, including:

Writing content is not a get rich quick gig

Like most things growing a content development business will take time. Be prepared to build slow and have an additional source of income or some savings on which you can fall back. Most content development projects start small and build as the client gains trust and respect for what you are writing. Keep this in mind so you don’t get disappointed during the first months of this new endeavor.

Know your own competencies

Most writers cannot do excellent work across every category. There are writers that are masters of long-form and others for whom short and punchy 300 -500 word posts are more their style. Capturing the voice of the client is also a skill and some writers tend to be more proficient at certain communication styles than others. Do an honest self-assessment and once you determine where you excel, go out and obtain clients that fall within that category. And yes, it is true that a good writer can write in almost every voice but the real question is, do you want to?:)

Understand the competitive nature of the field and market and price your services accordingly

Let’s face it. Writers are everywhere and you can expect that you will have global competition. Do not try to compete on price with writers that charge far less than you can afford to support your lifestyle and in your geographic area. Establish your pricing structure, engage in marketing and sales outreach, provide excellent content and be confident that your prospects and clients will see the value. Once you start to play the “pricing game” and discount your fees so low that you cannot afford to be in business, you will, in fact, soon go out of business.

It’s most important to not get discouraged. There may be a lot of writers but the need for good content is never-ending and if you market and promote your work appropriately, you should be able to ramp up successfully

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