• Adrian Miller

Do You Ever Have a Blog "Emergency"

I'm going on vacation tomorrow and taking a much-needed break from the day-to-day madness that seems to be part of my work life.

  • Deadlines for no apparent reason.

  • Projects that were "on hold" suddenly coming to life.

  • Prospects that didn't return ANY calls or emails popping up and saying "let's do it NOW.

I suspect you know exactly what I mean.

I'm heading out, and while I know that I'll be doing a wee bit of work, this whirling dervish will slow down a bit.

There is no blog emergency for me to handle. Here's why:

  • I finished all of my client deliverables days before they were due so when I return home I won't be overloaded with deadlines.

  • I alerted everyone that I was going away and gave them ample time to get in their last-minute requests.

  • My "brand" is one of extreme timeliness so no one feels stressed about getting their work.

I expect to head out free and clear, do some reading and writing while in the air, and take a break from the grind.

How do you handle your vacation plans? Do you find yourself working while on your trip or do you wrap things up before you head out?

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