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Do You Want Examples of Blogs?

Do you want examples of blogs? Sure, you do.

It’s a question I get asked at least once a week or more by someone that needs writing services and emails me for examples.

I’m happy to share, of course, but when I probe for more information, they are asking for sample blogs that they can customize and make their own.

I believe there are sites for that; this isn’t one of themJ

Our writing is based upon fairly comprehensive research that we do into our clients’ companies, coupled with conversations that help us to capture his or her “voice.”

It’s not enough to customize something that is pretty much generic, and you should steer clear of that approach.

Writing your own blog is the way to go and if you hate to write, or don’t have time to write, you have some excellent options:

· Hire an outsourced resource to write your original content for you. Your resource can be a solopreneur that writes content for many clients or someone that writes content as a side hustle to earn some extra money.

· Bring on a new employee that can write your blogs, as well as your sales and marketing materials, social media posts, and anything that requires words.

· Contract with a digital marketing agency that can do writing and a plethora of other endeavors all under the digital umbrella.

It’s entirely up to you with most people’s decisions resting on the following criteria:


Tolerance for uncertainty


Access to resources

Don’t make a hasty decision.

The relationship that you have with your content marketing resource should be long-term and built on trust and expertise in your business, both of which are nurtured over time.

Blog writing is one of the things that we do, however, we’ll never try to “sell” you on our services if we‘re not the best fit.

We’re happy to have a conversation and steer you in the right direction for your specific requirements.


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