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Should I Write Now?

By Scott Hornstein

There are 2 really good reasons why you should commit to an ongoing blog.

The first is personal.

There’s a lot going on in the world today. Writing, whether you are putting down the basic ideas or seeing it through to a polished post (which we can help with), moves you to think through some of the complexity that’s out there, and put it into focus, to bring issues into the light of day, into forward motion, in your own personal way.

You are also helping others. Some might be juggling the same disparate, and sometimes confusing events, struggling to bring them into alignment.

Moving past first-level thinking and problem solving is worth the time and effort.

The second is professional.

You’ve got customers and prospects who need to be introduced, and reminded of what makes you unique and different. Committing to sharing your perspective, the how, what and why that makes you, you, is the ultimate statement of your individuality, of how you think, of how you problem solve, and a strong reminder of why they should ally themselves with you.

So, should you write now? Yup. Right now

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