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Use “Real-Speak” and You Just Might Get “Real” Results

Jargon, businessbabble, and “big” words don’t impress me. Writing an article, newsletter or blog that people can understand does!

What is it with writers that fill their pages with content that no one can understand? It makes no sense, especially if the writing is designed for the “layperson” and to generate interest and potential new business.

If you are a subject matter expert writing for other subject matter experts in the same field then by all means you should communicate at the appropriate level. But if you’re trying to connect with me I suggest that you keep it real.

Some examples:

-- If you’re an elder care or trusts and estates attorney you might want to consider keeping the legalese out of your content and write on topics such as, “keeping your senior safe at home,” or “how to have the ‘talk’ (aka taking the car keys away from your senior)”

-- If you’re a cybersecurity expert, you might do well with “5 ways to protect yourself from being hacked,” or “the truth about cybersecurity – the good, the bad and the ugly.”

-- Interior designers need do little more than post some glorious pictures of their work with some articles like “how to make a room appear larger than it really is,” or “what to do when you don’t have any natural light.”

Get the idea. Write about things that people can relate to and will help them to see how you might be a resource they should explore. Keeping it real can help you get the results you’re after.


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