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Website Content Writing is No Walk in the Park

The other night I was on a Zoom networking call and we were instructed to put our web address in the chat so that our fellow networkers could “check us out”.

A few participants used their LinkedIn address because they were in the process of redoing their website, while others posted the link to their digital business card, but for the most part, everyone shared their URL.

Whether you’re putting up a new site, or refreshing the content on your existing site, writing content for your website can be nerve-wracking.

Will people find the page and when they finally land there, will they stay on the page long enough to learn about your products or services? Will you be able to differentiate from your competition and grab enough attention so that prospective clients contact you?

Most importantly, is the content coherent, does it flow from section to section without losing your brand identity, and can it convert?

You want your site to stimulate action. An interested buyer can send you an email, subscribe to your blog, or take advantage of a special offer. Every page should hook the reader and encourage them to “do something.”

Marrying words with pictures is just part of what must be done effectively when creating a website. Developing your brand, identifying your target market, creating your products and services must come first and only after you complete that initiative, can you begin to craft the content.

There are scores of articles and tutorials on how to create your website. Many of them are quite informative but what they usually don’t say is that it can be a daunting task that requires expertise in areas in which you may be a novice.

It’s fine if you have the time and stamina to learn the necessary skills; if not, developing a new website is something best left for the experts. Here are some great resources to explore:

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