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Can You Do It Yourself?

When my adult sons were little they used to watch Sesame Street & “I Can Do It Myself” was one of their favorite songs. It became somewhat of a household favorite & we sang along as I taught them to be be able to do most of the things we take for granted, getting dressed being one of them.

Within a short amount of time they could, in fact, do it by themselves.

I could do the same with my bookkeeping & auto repair. With a little patient tutelage & a good song to keep me focused, I could probably grasp the skills and attend to my own books and fix my car too.

But I don’t.

My time is pretty much filled with running my cos & doing the things that I love to do; car repair & bookkeeping are not high on my list.

And for these reasons I choose to outsource both.

How about you? Are you singing “I Can Do It Myself” each & every time you need to write some content, even though there are scores of things you’d much rather be doing and are, frankly, more mission critical than the blog post that needs to be written.

Why not leave the writing to someone else?

Stuck on coming up with ideas for content? We can help. Connect with us for titles and ideas for five customized blog posts, gratis.

As I said, we love to create content. Let us help you to love creating your own.

Adrian Miller


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