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Be Authentic

Be authentic. How many times have you heard these words?

I agree with the sentiment, of course, but I must admit to feeling that the word “authentic” is just a tad overused and has become a cliché.

After all, being authentic means being genuine and real. Taking it one step further I would also say that it means being honest and true.

With that being said, who would ever suggest that you be anything but authentic? Sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn’t it?

The word is used today as if being authentic is a novel principle, and if that is true, what a sad world we live in.

Being authentic, honest, and genuine was taught to me when I was a small child. Nothing else was accepted by my parents and teachers.

Has that changed so much? Do we have to stress it as much as we do today?

Perhaps, we do.

Like me, you probably read blog posts and newsletters that seem disingenuous, filled with statements and information that are inflated.

Fake news? (Isn’t it amazing that phrase is now part of our lexicon?) Not entirely fake, but not quite as genuine as you would hope it would be.

Keep this in mind when you write any of your content because people shy away from content that seems overstated and causes them to lean back and say, “Whaaaat!”

Your reputation can become tarnished when what you put “out there” is questionable and cannot be taken at face value.

This includes your blogs and newsletters and even the social media content that you may regularly post on the various social media platforms.

Remember these easy guidelines:

Write in your own voice and don’t try to sound like someone else.

If you’re not certain about the information you’re providing, include a disclaimer.

When in doubt, ask a trusted advisor to read your content and give you their feedback.

Read your content aloud. Does it sound like a “real person” (aka “real-speak”)?

Once your content is online, it’s there forever. Make certain it sounds like you?!!!

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