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Call Me, Maybe

That’s the crux of it. How do we get prospects to engage, to actually pick up the phone and ask a question.

Research by many notable companies, bolstered by personal experience, says that about 70% of a prospect’s consideration journey is completed before they reach out to us for any reason. So how can we influence that first part of the journey in our favor?

The overwhelming answer is an investment in content that educates, entertains and urgently differentiates us from the competition. Don’t believe me - Nielsen says content consumption is up, year over year, by 215%. That’s not a number that you can ignore.

What kind of content? Case studies, blog posts, white papers, short videos, webinars and more.

But prospects can ignore your content. What’s worse, they can steer clear of what you have to say if they’ve been dissatisfied. The A number 1 for this dissatisfaction is unfocused, irrelevant content. A close second is a style of words and graphics that is impenetrable. Content must be easy, open and above all, relevant.

How to, you ask? It’s an answer


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