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Did You Change the Focus of Your Content As a Result of the Pandemic?

I must admit that I never thought I’d still be mentioning the pandemic in 2021. When the whole thing started, I was quite sure that Covid would be gone by Spring, and all would return to “normal.”

Boy, was I wrong.

At the beginning of the pandemic, most of the blogs and articles that I read had something to do with the virus.

There were articles on how, when, and where to Zoom, home office design, sales and marketing in the Covid era, how to stay healthy while the virus raged, and everything else you could imagine, all with a Covid slant.

At first, the information was incredibly valuable and very much needed. After all, none of us had any experience dealing with this and so we didn’t have a game plan on how to stay safe and still live our lives.

Everything that we knew to be true was thrown out the window and it was almost like starting over again.

We were exhausted mentally, physically, and spiritually too.

But we got through and here we are so many months later and we’re still in pretty much the same situation, at least for right now.

Things are looking up though, and there’s a greater sense of optimism.

Many businesses had to close their doors entirely and still others did major pivots to adjust to the situation. Many are still adjusting and finding some sort of equilibrium.

I must say that it’s time for new content, not a look at what was, but a look at what can be.

If you’re blogging or writing articles about your re-engineered business, focus more on how you’re delivering your service or product, rather than what you did in the past, or even on your need to re-engineer. We get it, and it’s time to add value by offering best practices for success.

Let’s not write about things that we know all too intimately. Let’s move on and write about innovative and creative approaches to your business, provide tips and tactics that others can adopt as they travel through first quarter, and share, inspire and excite.

And if you need to bring Covid into it, share a life lesson that you are using right now, and it is bringing you success.

I’ll share one of mine.

I’m somewhat known as the Queen of Staying in Contact and that didn’t change a bit throughout this entire situation.

Starting in March my clients were dealing with their own Covid-induced issues and while I was certainly sympathetic, I still did my touch points.

Fast forward to right now and two of those clients just raised their hand to start / re-start their work with me.

Queen of Staying in Contact is part of my DNA regardless of the circumstances, and so I can point to the fact that maintaining certain techniques can serve you well despite the curveball that has been thrown your way.

I’m sure some of you have stories like that as well and that’s the stories you should be sharing, not rehashing what we know or continuing to point to all we’ve had to handle.

Once again, we already know the tough stuff and, in my viewpoint, it is time to move on and write about something else.

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