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Love Letters in the Sand

By Scott Hornstein

Often, when I sit down to write something that doesn’t have an immediate paycheck attached, the feeling of “so what” washes over me. This particular cold shower is also known as “who cares”.

Is this an exercise in futility? Is this hubris – just me singing in the shower?

It’s a yes and a no.

The yes is because writing is a skill that requires practice, and that practice is rewarded when you can unambiguously write what you mean – simply, clearly and persuasively. You stand out because of your accomplishment.

The no is actually for the same reason. If you can articulate the unmistakable you, the thoughts that differentiate you from your competitors, it’s a whole lot more than love letters in the sand. You can impress, engage, repurpose and repost.

The advancing tide doesn’t stand a chance.


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