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Need Visibility? Try a Great Newsletter.

It’s a fact, boring newsletters don’t get opened. It’s true and there’s a simple solution, that being, make it a point that your newsletter is engaging, exciting, interesting, and not filled with continual self-promotional “stuff” that simply turns people off.

Many newsletters are nothing more than self-glorifying pablum that shows up on people’s desktops, phones, and tablets and mostly regurgitating information that can be found on LinkedIn or their websites.

The first newsletter and even the second might get opened but after that, the open rate takes a precipitous decline; hence, the proclamation that newsletters “don’t work.”

Actually, they do, or interesting ones do, anyway.

So, what makes a newsletter interesting, anyway:

· The article/s are not always self-promotional and instead, they serve up information that is interesting to the reader.

· The newsletter is distributed to readers that want to know about this information (i.e. there is a synchronicity between the reader and the information).

· There is a diversity of topics and writers that keep people intrigued about what’s coming next.

· They’re well designed and attractive.

· They add value.

Bottom-line, the newsletter has educated you, made you smile, and was well worth the time it took to read it.

We know that writing a newsletter on an ongoing basis can be a drag. Some people just don ‘t have to the time to do it; others, don’t really have the writing chops to get it done. For others, it’s a combination of both.

Why torture yourself?

Why have stress that comes when you know your newsletter is due.

Why not outsource it to people that enjoy it and can create a newsletter that you will be proud of and that your readers will want to read.

And that’s Wordswork Copywriting.

There’s absolutely no downside to finding out how we do what we do and how it can be done for you.

No downside at all.

Can we help you? Give us a call or send us an email or text and let’s discuss how your newsletter can get you visibility, recognition and ultimately, new business.

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